Our prosthodontist and anesthesiologist want you to be educated about the procedures we offer at Prime Dental Specialists, especially our Prime implant solution procedure, an implant-supported denture procedure that helps patients achieve a more secure smile faster than teeth-in-a-day. Call 847-748-0061 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Samantha Chou and Dr. Devin Roberts, to see if you are a candidate for Prime implant solution treatment in Glenview, Illinois.

What Is the Prime Implant Solution?
Unlike traditional implants, which require a larger surgical site and longer healing time, Prime implants can often be placed using a minimally invasive technique, resulting in less pain, swelling and downtime for the patient. The Prime dental implant system also utilizes a unique prosthetic connection design that allows for a simplified and more efficient restoration process, reducing time and costs for you.

Why Does the Prime Implant Solution Cost Less Than Teeth-in-a-Day?
The Prime implant solution is faster and better at fabricating the material that is used for the prosthetic. This minimizes the visits to our prosthodontist, making the cost 40% lower! Save up to $20,000 over your teeth-in-a-day.

How Do I Know That I Am a Candidate for the Prime Procedure?
To determine if a patient is a good candidate for prosthodontics with Prime implants, a thorough examination of the patient’s dental and medical history is necessary. Candidates for prosthodontics with Prime implants might include patients who have lost teeth due to injury, disease or decay, or who have had multiple dental crowns or ill-fitting dentures.

Is There a Lot of Pain Associated With the Prime Solution?
Using the latest advances in anesthesia and pain control, our patients are usually off their pain medication within three to four days and are completely recovered within two weeks.

Will My Insurance Cover the Prime Implant Solution?
Most insurance plans offer $1500-$2000 toward the Prime implant solution procedure. We can discuss out-of-pocket costs, as well as your financial options, in more detail during your consultation at Prime Dental Specialists.

Would I Be a Candidate for the Prime Implant Solution If I Have a Lot of Dental Crowns?
Your candidacy would depend on the state of your teeth underneath the dental crowns. Since the procedure would cost about the same as dental crowns, we recommend the Prime implant solution for those how have advanced periodontal disease resulting in bone loss and severe decay under the dental crowns.

Would I Be a Candidate for the Prime Implant Solution If I Have Existing Implants?
Most often your dental implants are not in the right position for implant-supported dentures or digitally designed by the latest dental technology. The Prime implant solution uses a global fee, so we will remove, upgrade and properly place your dental implants for the same price.

How Can I Even Get Through the Prime Implant Solution Procedure If I Have Severe Dental Anxiety?
Our prosthodontist will use specific sedation techniques to help you relax or even fall asleep during your procedure, depending on your needed level of comfort. We encourage you to talk to us about any anxiety during your consultation so that we know how to treat you best.

Why Should I Consider the Prime Implant Solution Instead of Dentures?
Traditional dentures often lead to bone loss further down the road because of lack of stimulation to your jaw, resulting in retreatment. The Prime implant solution offers a permanent solution that feels like a natural smile and can last for years to come with proper care.

Am I Still a Candidate for the Prime Implant Solution If I Have Bone Loss?
Usually, 95% of patients are able to have the Prime implant solution right away. The other 5% will need preparatory oral surgery to make sure that their jaw is strong enough to support the implants and oral appliances.

Will I Have Dietary Restrictions After Having the Prime Implant Solution Procedure?
You will be on a soft food diet for the first three months after the procedure; though afterward, you will not have any dietary restrictions.

Why Is the Prime Implant Solution So Much Faster Than Teeth-in-a-Day?
Prime implant solution technology is all digital, whereas teeth-in-a-day is a decades-old procedure. We use state-of-the-art digital scanning and 3D printing technology to provide quicker and more accurate results.

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Dr Samantha Chou in Glenview Illinois

I have had implants done last year. Dr Chou and her staff are just the greatest. My teeth look great and it is so nice to be able to eat anything that I want.

– Phyllis B

Dr Samantha Chou in Glenview Illinois

Dr. Chou and her staff made me feel very comfortable during my visit. I am pleased my suggested her,. I was not happy with my previous dentist.

– Rickey M

Dr Samantha Chou in Glenview Illinois

I have had extensive dental work done by Dr.Chou and her staff. They are kind, friendly and efficient. I recommend them.

– David I

Dr Samantha Chou in Glenview Illinois

Warm welcome to the new patients. Clear understanding of situations and genuine attention, trying to help. Thank you very much D-r. Chou!

– Chris C

Dr Samantha Chou in Glenview Illinois

Dr. Chou and her staff went above and beyond to insure that I was 100% satisfied with the work that was done. Their work was Excellent.

– Yvonne K

Dr Samantha Chou in Glenview Illinois

The staff was very friendly and professional! I was able to get my teeth taken care of in a timely manner! A very positive experience!

– Fiorella G